YOU can go over your Boundaries!

Imagine to open your bedroom door and find yourself in far away place, where nothing is similar to your everyday realty.
However, you feel comfortable, the same way you feel when you're on holiday in an exotic Country. There's nothing that keeps your head busy and the only thing you can do is enjoying that peaceful moment.
That place is something you don't recognize as yours but, at the same time, the only thing you wish is having it in your hands. You're scared to close the door again because that reality may disappear and then... how would you get back there again?
The secret is to leave that door open, because if that reality makes you feel that good there's no point to create a boundary between it and you.
Sometimes we hide sides of ourselves that we would love to show.
We don't mind our way of leaving but sometimes we may feel there's something missing and feeling incomplete makes us wonder if there something we are not correctly doing.
The truth is that sometimes we unconsciously close ourselves in an enclosure made of hard, see-through plastic. We can see there something beyond it, but we can't clearly see what it is. The key is in our hands, though... we just have to use it.
Once we'll open the enclosure, we'll be free to walk all the paths of our life and to travel in all the corners of our being.
Broaden your mind and portrait yourself as part of a wide, wonderful universe. Just be human!
It's time to reborn!
By Rebecca Mechetti