About Us

   At AYA we want you to feel great in the clothes you wear.
We have over 30 years of experience in outfitting and have had a store in Dorking (Surrey) since 2014, managed by Deborah Koffi, a fashion designer experienced in fashion, from Fashion High Street to Haut Couture.
Deborah opened her boutique in Dorking five years ago and has always personally run it, choosing the best garments and accessories and organising events to promote her business, from fashion shows to champagne reception.
Deborah decided to open the shop with the aim of being able to dress up women of different ages and shapes, and that's why our aim today is to make  you  look  your best! We want you to discover a new image of yourself, going  beyond your idea of  "what you can wear" and achieving greater confidence!
We will help you in choosing what best suits you. We want to inspire and reassure you with our combinations and quality.
Aya Boutique aims to present affordable and versatile garments, offering the chance to try different styles, colours and shapes, with a variety of clothes chosen to meet the tastes of a wide range of women.
Our collections are sourced from UK, France, Italy, Denmark and Netherlands and our merchandise is constantly updated to keep things fresh, carrying only a limited amount of items.
The right clothing and accessories, and the way you combine them, make a real difference to the way we feel. Confidence and comfort are almost everything, that's why we want you to be 100% satisfied with any purchase!