aya inspired by


aya is a "Madame"

showing her multiple faces!

aya is a revolution!

Let's live it together!

aya is
extravagantly chic!

it's the Ace up your sleeve!

aya is also
the bare essentials


Don't compromise! Choose to be all of it!

your mind...

and portray

as part of a wide,
wonderful universe

Just be human

It's time to be reborn!

Capture the beauty of the world!

A little tip

Our special sessions are made to inspire your outfits. In each one of them, we've paired different styles of clothes for you! Have fun exploring the combinations. You can mix and match horizontally and vertically! Just click 'Get it' to take a look.


And remember...

The one who make your style is you! Play with your clothes and don't stop yourself from being a little bit "crazy"!


It's never enough! Layers, accessories, powerful prints! All eyes on you Madame!

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The bare essentials

Be fluid! Feel light as a feather, ready to go wherever the wind blows!

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Pourquoi pas maintenant? Why not now? Live this rebirth! It's a time for Revolution!

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Extravagantly chic

Maximize your elegance. Enrich your look and show your full potential!

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An accessory can make all the difference!


They're never just accessories!

They are the highlight of your face!

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They're never just accessories!

They are an extension of your neck!

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They're never just accessories!

They are your shiny sleeves!

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we never stop!

What's new?

It's our mission to make the AYA experience exlusive. To make this possible we source our Collection from all over Europe.

Take a look!
Break the rules and think outside the box!
Break them!

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It's time to be reborn!



AYA means "wonderful" and "wonderful" is how we want you to feel! Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, of feeling inspired and evoking emotions! Fashion is a window to your inner self! Fashion is a discovery... let's discover it together!

It's a question of style!

and don't forget

aya boutique does personal styling!

Do you have those pieces in your wardrobe that you don't know how to match or wear? Let's share some ideas together! We like to play with clothes and match them in fashionable and different ways! Don't be afraid to experiment! Suitable shapes can evaluate your silhouette at its best and the way you combine clothes together can completely change your style! We offer personal styling both in AYA Boutique and, on appointment, through video call! If you spend more than £100 on our e-shop, you'll get one hour with us for free!

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Fashion Show Adventure!
YOU can go over your Boundaries!
Why a catwalk?
AYA and the Renaissance

100% made in aya

and then it happened... we oraganised a catwalk!

AYA website has been opened for almost a year. In these months, we've organised two photoshoots, trying to make each one of them special! For our third one we opted for something more dynamic, something that would have shown all AYA perspectives and our love for art! We made of AYA Boutique our fashion studio! We worked on deco, outfits, and details and at the end... we did it! We made a 100% AYA catwalk!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time of REVOLUTION!

Come to see us!

Our retail store

AYA Boutique Ltd 25 (Unit 20), St Martin's Walk Shopping Center, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1UT

Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 17:30
Saturday, 9:00 - 17:30
Sunday, closed

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We love St Martin's walk!

AYA Boutique is in St Martin's Walk, a lovely Shopping Centre in the heart of Dorking! Discover all the things that this cosy square can offer! Fashion, hair styling, food and beverages and much more! Once you try its artisan market, you can't possibly forget it! Each one of these small businesses makes St Martin's Walk a lively, wonderful place! We always do our best to stay in step with them, making of our shop a place in which you can find out your inner beauty! Thanks to St. Martins businesses for collaborating with us!

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