Who do you see when you look yourself in the mirror?
How long have you spent studying your image? It's an individual "face to face". You start by lightly touching your hair, then your chick, the corner of you eye, the tip of your nose... You try to smile and suddenly you try your saddest look, just to be able to come back with a stronger, more persuasive smile.
There are days, in front of that same mirror, in which you feel like a beautiful lioness, ready for your hunting, and there are other days in which you feel terrible and the only thing you wish is going to bed, hoping to wake up with a better face.
It's well known that a mirror reflects your image, but it's also true that our eyes could be strongly influenced by our mind.
And that's what happens.
In front of the mirror we create exactly what is perceived by the eyes and we let that image take our place in the real life. The same girl that the night before was a lioness starts to feel like a little spider, hidden in the corner of the ceiling.
None of these faces is a lie... They just come out and most of the time we have no chance to choose them. But we can decide to hide them, or, with a stronger motivation, to change them. At that point our face becomes a white mask: we can "draw" our smiles, but we can also "draw" our tears. 
At home or outside, we can decide what to show, but what we show doesn't always correspond to how we feel. We can smile in troubles or cry for happiness. We are feeling spiders, but we'd rather try to be lioness. We could feel in prison, but, instead of wasting tears, we decide to feel free.
We've got a lot of chances! We just have to choose.
By Rebecca Mechetti