To achieve an objective you have to work hard!

In the last months, we've been working hard to create our website! It wasn't easy but at the same time it was funny and gave as the chance to express ourselves our best way! 

We wanted to make something personal and different, something that could have been pointed out as 'made in AYA Boutique'! To do so, we decided to move from the boundaries of our shop and we started to explore and carefully observe what was around us. We were looking for some inspiration, and at the end we found it in the rainy sky, in live music or just by looking at the hills or at the people on the street! We started to collect one idea after another, and, at the end, it turns on a light in our mind: "Why don't we take a fashion photoshoot in a pub?". And that's exactly what we did! We called our models, the photographer and we just started!

During the photoshoot all the ideas that were running in our heads finally started to take a concrete shape and step by step, little by little, we've been able to bring them to life!

"Come on guys! YOOHOO!" 

(Qn. Deb - Imagine her saying that while opening a bottle of champagne)