Achieving a goal doesn't mean you have to stop!

On November 2019, AYA Boutique opened this website as its new method of communication to let a wider public hear its voice. Since its opening, this website gave us the chance to express ourselves in different ways, teaching us how to leave a determine message with no need for too many words. Our best way to express our ideals? A photo shoot!

On October 2019, we decided to take out first photo shoot in a pub, choosing the Queen's Head in Dorking. The atmosphere of the Queen's was the perfect base to build the background of our Autumn/Winten 2019 Collection! But the cold season came to an end and the warm season started!

We needed something new, something refreshing! We needed to make the website look "bright like the summer sky". As we did the first time, we've looked around and made some researches. Opposite to the previous experience in which we opted for a beautiful public place, we've decided, considering the current events, to show the beauty of a private space. This 'private space' could be interpreted as 'home', that place in which you feel comfortable and safe, but also as 'inner self'. 

With this new idea in mind, we tried to improve our website, giving it a 'personal touch', creating in its pages a new atmosphere.

At the end of the day, there is no reason to achieve a goal if you can't make that goal develop a little bit more.