Fashion Show Adventure!

AYA best pieces don't arrive in the boutique with no reason. They are carefully chosen, selected from an incredible amount of different styles and brands that reunite all together in those wonderful fashion realms called Fashion Shows!

The first Fashion Show is unforgettable! In a Fashion Show aren't just the clothes that attract you, but all the types of people you can find there that make them shine! From the owners of a business to the "crazy for fashion" girl, what you will see is a melting pot of Fashion lovers. It's when you see these people all together, all dressed in different ways, all of them with a different perception of beauty, that you realise, what you're going to live will be an amazing experience, an experience that will definitely "restyle" your mind. What you learn in a Fashion Show is that, when it comes to fashion, there are no rules! Fashion is Anarchy and taste in Fashion are too individual to be simply divided into categories. That's what make the choice of the right pieces for a shop a big deal!

Opposite to what a lot of people may think, going to a Fashion Show and choose garments to sell in a shop, is not like going to do your own shopping! It's more like going to do Christmas shopping! When I was a child, my literature teacher said: "If you have to choose a present, you can't choose what you like, you have to choose what the other person would like". It's easy to apply his wise words to our topic. Once you are in that big fashion dimension, surrounded by beautiful clothes you can't really choose those that you would like to wear or those that would look lovely on you! You have to consider what customers may like or what would perfectly suit them! Sometimes you have to play with the atmosphere of the moment and feel the connection with clothes and accessories in that mix of colours and shapes!

Once you find yourself in the the stand you were looking for or in that which attire you attention, you will have to check piece by piece. Senses are extremely important. You have to touch them to feel the fabric, you have to look every detail and shape, and (this may sounds a little strange) you will have to try to perceive their smell, that smell that will come out when you will steam the garment before putting it on the shop floor.

Being in a Fashion Show is like living a fashion adventure! You are there to discover something new and to let yourself get some good inspiration from what and who is around you! When you will be back home, those colours and those faces will still have their echo in your mind, and, I can tell you for sure, they're will have a special place in your memory.

Perceiving you inner self is the way to push your boundaries and feel confident! It's at that point that you will know what to wear!

 By Rebecca Mechetti