AYA and the Renaissance

In AYA, ideas come and ideas go, but one of them got stucked in our minds: RENAISSANCE.
It's not the first time we use this word on our social medias and website.
Renaissance means "rebirth" and after what recently happened, a rebirth is what we need!
Our A/W 20 New Collection main theme has been studied with accuracy.
We needed to combine it with fashion, exactly the same way you would combine a jeans and a jumper! 
At the end, after have had all the ideas we could have had, we managed to find this balance between this important period of human history and the contemporary fashion world!
During Renaissance, art, architecture and science were connected to create masterpieces in which realism and naturalism fused together.
AYA loves to be real and natural, but it loves as well being extravagantly artistic!
Why deciding to stay close in your own boundaries when you can widen your perspectives? 
Why being one, if we can be all?
By Rebecca Mechetti