90's oh 90's

For this Spring/Summer 2020, Aya wants to jump back in time and run on the way of the colourful 90's!

How to forget the 90's? If we just think about them we feel happy and nostalgic at the same time! How to forget the girls band and the boys band? How to forget the eclectic Madonna and the cheerful episodes of  FRIENDS? How to forget the "YOYO Mania"? But most of all, how to forget all the colours in the background of our 90's!

Who miss those colours? 

AYA decided to make a tribute to these wonderful years, choosing a variety of colours and styles that will make you live again all your best memories! 

And for the youngsters? Well... it could be the right time to discover a world in which all the things they know today were starting to come to life!